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QueerJS is a meetup series where everyone is encouraged to attend and support the speakers and the idea.
If you're queer and want to speak this meetup is for you! It exists to give you a voice and to make a safe space where everyone is welcome.

Join us! There will be stickers 🌈


Attendees (33)

  • Dmitry Makhnev
  • Leo Melo
  • Alex Yatsenko
  • Ricardo Barbosa
  • Nuno Miguel Almeida Soares
  • William
  • Bruno
  • Danilo Carvalho
  • Sandrina Pereira
  • Anastasiia Lopatina
  • Matheus Rocha
  • Paula Costa
  • Sara Vieira
  • Sofia Santos
  • Artem Kobzar
  • Ernesto
  • José carneiro

Special Thanks