Welcome to QueerJS


📎What is QueerJS?

QueerJS is a meetup series where everyone is encouraged to attend and support the speakers and the idea. If you're queer and want to speak this meetup is for you! It exists to give you a voice and to make a safe space where everyone is welcome.

📎How do I speak at QueerJS?

We'd love for you to speak at a meetup! Please see Speaking at QueerJS for more information about how you can propose a talk to a future iteration of QueerJS.

📎How can I get involved?

There are a lot of ways you could get involved with QueerJS! See Getting Involved for more information.

📎Where does QueerJS happen?

We have a bunch of meetups being planned online and all over the globe 🌍 You can check the Cities page for a list of the upcoming (and past) meetups.

📎Can I print and redistribute the meetup stickers?

Yes! They're all open source and you can find them in our Brand Assets repository on GitHub.

📎Any other questions?

Please open an issue, send us a message on Twitter, or email us at hello@queerjs.com!