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This is a meetup where anyone is welcome to attend and support the speakers and the idea but all the speakers will be Queer.
This meetup exists to give a voice to everyone, to make a safe space where everyone is welcome.

Join us! There will be food and stickers 🌈


Attendees (25)

  • Hunter Fox
  • Laurie
  • Ian Mitchell
  • Matthew Hoe
  • Lily Scott
  • Alex
  • Kat Marchán
  • Nathan
  • Will Strimling
  • Alison Thompson
  • Valerie Ernst
  • Radhika
  • Nathan Walters
  • Paidamoyo-Janet Azehko
  • Eric Bishard
  • Forrest Oliphant
  • Wes Mangum
  • Theresa O’Connor
  • Alice Davis
  • Sara Vieira
  • Nat Alison
  • CJ
  • Tyler


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