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Speaking at QueerJS

First of all, thank you for thinking about submitting a talk to an upcoming QueerJS event. We're happy you're here 🌈

How do I submit a talk?

Click the shiny button at the bottom! That will lead you to our GitHub repo and from there, you can use one of our of issue templates to guide you through your talk submission. If you need any help with this process because you are new to GitHub, git or speaking in general, ping one of the organizers on Discord or send us a message on Twitter. Happy to help any way we can!

What should I talk about?

Anything you're passionate about, really. The talks don't have to be technical (but they certainly can be). The most important thing is that you're excited about your topic. That's the amazing thing about public speaking - you get to share your passions with the world. Just keep in mind that all talks must follow our Code of Conduct.

How long should my talk be?

At every event, we plan to have a mix of longer 20-25 minute talks and 5-10 minute lightning talks. So do whatever you feel most comfortable with! If you need more time to present, please let us know so we can adjust the schedule or coordinate with the venue.

What if the lineup for the location I want to speak at is full?

It's very, very likely that if we host a QueerJS in a city, we'll do it again in the same city one day. So we'd still encourage you to submit your talk. That way, you'll be at the top of the list for the next edition!

Can you pay for my flights?

Actually, there's a good chance that we can if you're coming from a reasonable distance (total cost is less than 200 EUR). If you'd like to speak at an upcoming meetup and need travel assistance for any reason, please mention it in your talk proposal and we'll let you know if it's possible.

What's the talk selection process?

Talk slots are first come, first served (for the most part). After you open your issue, one of the organizers will reach out and let you know the next steps!

Speak 🎉