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This is a meetup where anyone is welcome to attend and support the speakers and the idea but all the speakers will be Queer.
This meetup exists to give a voice to everyone, to make a safe space where everyone is welcome.

Join us! There will be food and stickers ūüĆą


Attendees (33)

  • Meryl Elias
  • Daniel Stocks
  • Joel Arvidsson
  • Keira
  • Maro Kamil
  • Derk-Jan Karrenbeld
  • Jeremiah Lee
  • Joao Henrique Laranja Capucho
  • Alexey Eremin
  • Flaki
  • Anton Gunnarsson
  • Yonatan Miller
  • John Sterling
  • Jorin Schramm
  • Lilian Granqvist
  • Ari V
  • Francisco
  • Sara
  • Aveline Esti√©
  • Lucas Gabriel
  • Jonas
  • Frida Svanberg
  • Jackie
  • Juan
  • Angie
  • Art Leitch
  • Anna Volkova
  • Yurick Hauschild
  • Cynthia Revstr√∂m
  • Therese Komstadius


  • Klarna
  • Samsung Internet

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